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The EAU is dedicated to communicating scientific information, promoting interest in the history of urology and providing the latest news in the field.

World's leading experts contribute to the contents of the association's official journal European Urology and the newsletter European Urology Today (EUT) and these publications enjoy readership world-wide. The association also publishes the Surgery in Motion series as well as the EAU Video Journal.

The EAU Guidelines is an annually revised publication which has become an invaluable reference source for European urologists.

Along with scientific and news-related publications the EAU runs several book series dedicated to the history of urology. The EAU History Office oversees the production of these unique publications, ensuring the quality and originality of texts and illustrations. This has resulted in the publication of, amongst others, the beautiful Historia series and the EAU Art Collection.

All EAU History Office publications, the EAU Guidelines and the EAU Video Journal are available for purchase on this site.

New additions in 2013


Sexological and other less Logical Stories
By Johan J. Mattelaer

This beautifully illustrated volume provides a fascinating glimpse into the history of cultural expressions of human sexuality. The book takes the reader from cultures of sexuality and fertility in the ancient world to the sexual liberation of the 20th century. Special attention is given to the European middle ages, and the interesting juxtaposition of “obscene” imagery in church architecture.

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ICUD: Incontinence, 5th Edition 2013
Edited by Paul Abrams et al

The International Consultation on Urological Diseases proudly presents the 5th Edition of its volume Incontinence, edited by Paul Abrams, Linda Cardozo, Saad Khoury and Alan Wein. This edition takes on board the results of the 5th International Consultation on Incontinence, held in Paris in February 2012.

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De Historia Urologiae Europaeae Vol. 20
Edited by Dirk Schultheiss

Volume 20 of De Historia places special emphasis on urological themes in art, from iconography in church architecture, to the medical and cultural background of the castrati singers. Additional chapters present the biographies of urological pioneers, the history of certain procedures and famous case studies.

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