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Prostate cancer aggressiveness: A Central issue at the 22nd ESUR Meeting in Glasgow
Participants from leading European laboratories met at the ESUR Annual Meeting in Glasgow Grand Central Hotel from 9th to 11th October. Hot topics in several urological oncology areas have been presented by experienced researchers and talented young fellows. Focused lectures on stem cells and epithelial to mesenchymal transition were presented.
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14th CEM: Latest developments in kidney cancer care and research
Kidney cancer is an important topic for Central Europe because of the high prevalence of the disease in the region. This is primarily because the Czech Republic, for reasons which are still unknown, has the highest incidence of renal cancer in the world. Various aspects of this heterogeneous malignancy were discussed during dedicated sessions, including a video session, and poster presentations.
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14th CEM demonstrates the high level of urological research in Central Europe
The 14th EAU Central European Meeting (CEM) held in Cracow, Poland from 10-12 October, was an illustration of the high level of urological clinical care and scientific research in the region. Prof. Bob Djavan (Vienna, AT), Chairman of the EAU Regional Office, praised the high number of submitted abstracts, as well as their quality, and proclaimed that urology in Central Europe is "at Western European standards."
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Prostate stem cell study examine links of luminal to cancer-initiating cells
A Sweden-based team investigating the characteristics of prostate stem cells in mouse models have identified a stem cell population in the prostate’s luminal cell layer which could later help in targetting and in the development of new therapeutics for prostate cancer (PCa) particularly those tumours which are metastatic or highly resistant to drug treatment.
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Genomics, drug sequencing: key areas in high-risk prostate cancer
The role of genomics in identifying patients who will benefit from adjuvant treatments, targeted therapy and drug sequencing combinations is among the key areas that require closer attention from researchers investigating metastatic, high-risk prostate cancer.
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An interview with Dr. Henk van der Poel, Chairman of the local organising committee for ERUS14
The 11th Meeting of the EAU Robotic Urology Section, held on September 17-19 in Amsterdam showcased many of the latest developments in robotic urology in its live surgery-heavy scientific programme. Dr. Henk van der Poel, local organiser, speaks on optics in robotic surgery and the meeting in general.
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International Centre for Parliamentary Studies to host "PCa Europe 2014" in cooperation with EAU
A two-day symposium in Brussels will bring together EU policy makers, medical and clinical professionals, academic experts, healthcare payers and patient groups, to examine the ongoing challenges in managing prostate cancer more effectively and explore practical solutions in order to reach an EU-wide consensus and implement a forward action plan.
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23 OctESU organised course on Diagnosis and treatment of testicular cancer at the time of the national congress of the Czech Urological Society
Brno, Czech Republic
24 Oct -
26 Oct
10th South Eastern European Meeting (SEEM)
Belgrade, Serbia
24 OctESU organised course on Andrology and incontinence at the time of the EAU 10th South Eastern European Meeting
Belgrade, Serbia
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A paradigm shift in the treatment of pelvic pain

In this interview, R. Peeker is talking about the changes in urology practice which enable a better differentiated approach to the treatment of patients with pelvic pain.

Prof. M. Kuczyk on urological options to preserve the best QoL

In this interview, Prof. Kuczyk summarises some of the take home messages from the joint EAU-ESSO meeting at the #eau14.

Prof. Bob Djavan on the ambitions of the EAU Regional Office

In this interview, Prof. Djavan talks about the role of the EAU Regional Office at #eau14 and its ambitious plans for the upcoming years.

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