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Andrology Update 2011 – Andrologists convene on Budapest this weekend

31-05-2011      2038 views

By Loek Keizer

This weekend, Semmelweis University, Budapest, will host the Andrology Update 2011, organised by the EAU Section of Andrological Urology. It takes place on June 3rd, in conjunction with the International Congress on the History of Urology, which takes place the following day.

The Andrology Update provides an exhaustive programme put together for all andrologists, urologists, and anyone who deals with andrological patients. Asst. Prof. Zsolt Kopa, Head of the Andrology Centre of Semmelweis University and Chair of the 2011 Update emphasised that the organisation was particularly interested in attracting speakers from neighboring countries.

Much new research will be presented on Friday. The morning’s sessions “X and Y - genetic background of male infertility” by Dr. Csilla Krausz (Florence, IT) and “How can a urogenitale infection be harmful to male fertility –sperm function” by Prof. Hans-Christian Schuppe (Giessen, DE) are particular examples of this.

Kopa highlighted a lecture by Prof. Wolfgang Weidner (Giessen, DE). “Prof. Weidner, who is in my opinion one of the foremost andrological surgeons in the world, will summarise new developments in reconstructive surgery. He will show new trends, of which he has experience, and new techniques. This should be of particular interest for those attending, with practical implications.”

Further trends according to Kopa are mixed-discipline sessions concerning andro-oncology. “Lectures like Mr. Péter Riesz’s on Erectile dysfunction after radical prostatectomy show the andrological consequences of oncological disorders. This overlap of disciplines is what makes the Andrology Update a worthwhile experience for all comers.”

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